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We have two different catalog interfaces available for you to use. Please choose which one you need help with:

The Encore Catalog
what is Encore
how does it work
article search
how can the old catalog be accessed

What is Encore

Encore is the new search interface for our catalog. It works like other search engines you are already familiar with. To begin, just type in what you want to find and click the arrow to start.

How does it work

Encore searches your terms as a keyword search (i.e. John Smith gets searched as "John" AND "Smith"). Once you receive your results, there are many options on how to refine your search.

On the left side of the screen, you can limit your results by author, title, subject, format (i.e. book, DVD, etc.), language, date, and location.

On the right side of the screen, you can use the tags to help refine your search. There is also a list of "popular choices" that may be of use to you.


Library catalogs don't always use the same sort of search terms to describe things that you would (how often have you referred to "cooking" as "cookery?"). Tagging allows you to create additional search terms for items to help other people discover the material.

The tag cloud on the right hand side of the result screen is a mixture of library subject headings and user created tags. When you have a very broad search term (i.e. "books") the tag cloud can give you options on how to narrow that search (i.e. "book binding" or "comic books") The size the tag appears in the cloud is in relation to the number of results clicking on that tag will produce.

Article search

When you enter a search term into Encore, not only can you search our catalog for relevant items, you can search our other electronic resources as well.

On the lower right side of the result screen is an area called "Articles and More." If you click on "get more results," Encore will search through five of our main databases without you having to search them individually.


The "bookcart" function in Encore is like the bookbag function of the old catalog. While you are searching, you can add items to your bookcart to create a temporary list of materials you are interested in.

You can't save the bookcart list, but you can e-mail it to yourself. Once you exit Encore, the bookcart is emptied out and the list is deleted.

How can the old catalog be accessed

The old catalog ("Classic Catalog") is still available if you would prefer to use it. Anytime you are in Encore, look for the Santa Clara City Library logo in the upper right corner and click on the "Classic Catalog" link.

The Classic Catalog
the bookbag function
preferred searches
rating items

The bookbag function

The bookbag allows you to create a temporary list of items as you are searching through the catalog. You don't need to be logged in to use this feature.

If there is an item you would like to come back to later in your searching, click the "Save to Bookbag" button. When you want to return to the item, click the "View Saved" button and it will bring up the bookbag list.

The bookbag list cannot be saved to your account, but it can be exported to an e-mail address or your computer. When you close your browser's window, the bookbag is cleared out.

Preferred searches

When you have logged into your record and performed a search, you'll have an option to "Save This Search". If you click that button, that search will be saved in the "Preferred Search" section of your account. To redo the search later, click the "Search" link next to the term.

If you click the "Mark for E-mail" checkbox next to the term, you will be updated of any materials that get added to our collection which match your search. We do need an e-mail address associated to your account for this to work, so please click on the "Modify Personal Information" button to add one if you haven't done so already.

Rating Items

If you are logged into your record while searching the catalog, you can rate items. Ratings are from 1-5 stars. Just click on the number you want to give it, and the stars should turn gold.

If you see an item without any stars, then it has not been rated yet. If it is showing blue stars, that is the group rating of the item (you ratings help define the group rating). The gold stars are what you have rated the item.

You can view the items you have rated later by clicking on the "My Ratings" button in your account.

Last updated: 3/23/2015 3:42:59 PM